Dynamic Pathways (DPI) is an Ohio certified provider for Support Brokerage for the SELF Waiver (Self Empowered Life Funding). We currently have a number of adults and children who have chosen DPI for their Support Brokerage.

What is a Support Broker?
This person who is responsible for providing an individual with ongoing support. The type of support will look different for each person. Some examples of providing support include:
  • Participating in the person's annual individual support plan meeting by encouraging the person to share what services he would like to see in his plan.
  • Helping the person set-up interviews and helping to develop a list of questions to ask potential providers during interviews.
  • Assisting the person in negotiating the best rate for different provider services.
  • Being available to answer different questions by telephone, email or in-person.
  • Helping the person keep track of their funding.
  • Looking for community opportunities for the person to get involved.
  • Helping the person find a new microwave when the old one quits.
  • Encouraging the person to speak-up when their food stamp amount is wrong.
  • And much more

A Support Broker wants you to live the life you want and she will help you make that happen.

To see if the SELF Waiver is a good choice for you, click here to get more information.