We want to make the lives of people with developmental disabilities better. Believing in and working by the Principles of Self-Determination, we offer services to individuals who work for people with developmental disabilities, i.e., County Board professionals, provider agencies and staff, independent providers and many more.

Dynamic Pathways fosters an environment to maximize the potential of the individuals you serve. Their health and safety, their wellbeing, their rights and their needs are at the heart of the planning, training and consulting we do for you.

"....individuals with disabilities should have the freedom to plan their own lives and to pursue the things that are important to them with the support of independent planning and support coordination." Ohio Self Determination Association

Principles of Self-Determination
Freedom to choose a meaningful life in the community

Authority to have control over a targeted amount of dollars

Confirmation of the important leadership role that individuals with disabilities and their families must play in a newly re-designed system as well as support for the self advocacy movement

Support to organize resources in ways that are life-enhancing and meaningful to the individual with a disability

Responsibility for the wise use of public dollars and recognition of the contribution individuals with disabilities can make to their communities

Self-Determination in Action
Dynamic Pathways is the advisor for Self Advocates of Delaware County and Advocates of Southeastern Ohio and the administrators for Ohio Self Determination Association.

Self Advocates of Delaware County
Leaders in caring for all people with developmental disabilities since 1999

The Self Advocates of Delaware County has been advocating for people with developmental disabilities since 1999. With a membership of more than 100 people from Delaware County, members are active in the community with service projects, corresponding and meeting with local, state and federal legislators and administrators; holding fundraisers for conference participation and social events.

The Ohio Self Determination Association promotes, advocates and facilitates Self-Determination for all persons with disabilities and their families throughout Ohio.

The Board make-up is as unique as it’s mission. There are individuals, family members, providers, staff of county boards of developmental disabilities, including superintendents, and representatives from various departments and organizations.