Initial Provider Training
Renewal Provider Training

Initial Provider Training
Number of training hours: 8 Cost: $80
  1. Provider roles and responsibilities for person-centered planning, community integration, self determination and self advocacy
    1. Best practices
    2. Overview of concepts of self determination and self advocacy
    3. Role in implementing person-centered ISP
      1. ISP process
      2. How person-centered plan works, why and documentation requirements
    4. Role in community integration
    5. Developing provider relations
      1. Respecting rights of the individual
      2. Empowering to increase self advocacy
      3. Building rapport
      4. Understanding function of behaviors and trauma care
  2. The provisions governing rights of individuals set forth in sections 5123.62 to 5123.64 of the Revised Code
  3. Serving individuals with I/DD
    1. Best practice
    2. Common acronyms
    3. Overview of I/DD diagnosis
  4. Role and responsibilities with services
    1. Types of waivers
    2. Maintaining certification
    3. Role as member of team in person-centered planning
  5. The requirements of rule 5123:2-17-02 of the Revised Code relating to incidents adversely affecting health and safety
    1. Identifying MUI's
    2. Reporting requirements
    3. Review of health safety alerts
  6. Universal Precautions for infection control, hand washing and the disposal of bodily waste
    1. Infection control
    2. Blood borne pathogens
    3. Procedure for cleaning/disposal
    4. Handwashing
These two two-hour trainings meet the requirements toward at least eight hours of training in accordance with standards established by the DODD, 5123:2-2-01.

MUI, Health Welfare Alerts, Universal Precautions, Rights—Renewal Provider Training 1
Number of training hours: 2 Cost: $40
  1. Identifying Unusual Incidents and Major Unusual Incidents
    1. Review of definitions—UI, MUI, PPI, health welfare alerts
    2. Review categories of MUIs
  2. Reporting
    1. Requirements
    2. MUI and UI procedure flow chart
    3. UI and MUI forms
  3. Taking Action
    1. Immediate response
    2. Universal precautions
    3. On-going prevention
  4. The provisions governing rights of individuals set forth in sections 5123.62 to 5123.64 of the Revised Code
    1. Individual rights
    2. Provider obligation with the right of confidentiality
Person Centered Planning, Self Advocacy, Self Determination, Positive Culture and Community Integration—Renewal Provider Training 2
Number of training hours: 2 Cost: $40
  1. Overview of positive culture
  2. Person-centered planning
    1. Identifying goals of individual serve
    2. Breaking goals down into action steps
  3. Self determination
    1. What is it and why is it important
    2. Recognizing self determination in our own lives
    3. Comparing our self determination to that of people we serve
  4. Self Advocacy
    1. What does it mean, including people who are verbal and nonverbal
  5. Community Integration
    1. What does it mean to be integrated into the community, including at home or public places, being productive, giving back and being a good citizen