Dynamic Pathways provides behavior consultation to both adults and children with a wide range of needs. We embrace a spirit of gentleness and nonviolent practices in services and supports. We know people grow and measure happiness by their degree of connectedness to a community where they feel safe, included and loved. People with developmental disabilities should have these same opportunities to find their own connections and their own security. They have an inherent right to be free from any form of emotional, physical or restraint.

Behavior consultation includes:
  • Consulting with families
  • Writing behavior support plans
  • Consulting with teams
  • Training staff and families
  • Providing ongoing support
  • Assessing individuals and their environments
  • Presenting plans to Human Rights and Behavioral Support committees
  • Providing systems review of Behavior Support and Human Rights processes with recommendations
  • Working with SSA's to develop their skills in writing plans

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